Spurcycle Key Clip
Spurcycle Key Clip

Spurcycle Key Clip

R 510.00

Another stunning handmade product by Spurcycle. 

Material: Titanium
Finish: Rough Tumbled Industrial Surface 
Size: 71mm x 21mm
Weight: 20g
Origin: Made in USA

No more keys digging into your quads or glutes. Plus no more rooting through your pockets and pack. Clip and tuck keys for comfort and convenience, whether commuting to work or rolling to the bar.

"...it’s the kind of thing I didn’t even know I needed but now can’t live without."
—Jordan H.

Key Clips are cut from a slab of 1/4" titanium, then tumbled for an industrial finish. Robust and rugged, each is built to last forever.

Spurcycle Key Clip